Always a pleasure for the palate and soul - that is the culinary world of the Landgasthof zum Adler.

We delight every palate.


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Our impulsion.

People have always been concerned with what they eat and, above all, how they eat it. 

Since the beginning of time, mankind has been followed up wining and dining. In times of standardised fast food and many closings of traditional restaurants, more and more people appreciate traditional and regional food.

Every day we try to satisfy this wish. Human enjoy because they are humans. For this reason, protecting the culinary inheritance of our region means a lot to us and we attempt to support it by arriving in present day.

Local products.

Many people want a simple, but at the same time sophisticated kitchen. Their main concern is the use of local food.

We source many of our ingredients from our region, such as potatoes from the Illertal, eggs from our village and apples from our own garden. Then there are the countless products that we still cook ourselves, such as our sauces and our spaetzle.

The jam on your breakfast roll comes from our grandma.

Relish Swabian kitchen.

From cheesy spaetzle to sauerbraten to asparagus on tender beef fillet - our kitchen does everything to seduce your palate. Whether asparagus in spring, mushrooms in summer or roast venison in winter - our menu leaves nothing to be desired at any time of the year.
We recommend a good drop of wine from the southern German growing areas with your meal. Perhaps you'd prefer a beer brewed according to the German Purity Law?.

We will be happy to help youwith your choice.

If you wish to organize your family ceremony, a meeting or another larger event in our house, we also offer you individually adapted menu suggestions and respond entirely to your ideas in order to plan your celebration or event together with you.

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